In order to offer a complete service, PENSIERO LATERALE has over the years entered into a partnership with ARUBA BUSINESS.

Thanks to this cooperation, PENSIERO LATERALE can offer a high quality service thanks to the latest technologies available on the market, 24/7 assistance services and ARUBA BUSINESS DataCenters designed with innovative solutions to guarantee maximum reliability.


They are available in single-domain and fractional multi-domain packages, with guaranteed computational resources and distributed services to ensure the highest levels of uptime.

For maximum flexibility, the plans can be activated on Linux and Windows with the most diffused control panel on the market, Plesk and cPanel. Security and performance are guaranteed by the choice of the Aruba Private Cloud infrastructure, each data is then replicated on two different data centers, and by the use of storage with SAS and SSD disks.


The Dedicated Server, Housing and Colocation service allows you to host servers and devices in facilities at the top of excellence in terms of quality, reliability and availability.

The hardware can be made available directly from PENSIERO LATERALE using the rental service or alternatively provided and placed in colocation directly by the customer, both in dedicated cabinets, exclusively, and in shared spaces.

The hardware is enterprise-grade, the decision not to use machines assembled or poor quality construction corresponds to the guarantee of maximum reliability and performance. The brands used include: Dell, Cisco, EMC, NetApp and FortiGate.

The racks used are of the highest construction quality and are equipped with a double power line and internal forced air conditioning to ensure maximum efficiency in air conditioning, without suffering any disruption generated by the surrounding environmental temperature.


The Private Cloud is an IaaS service, simple and extremely flexible, that allows to create virtual data centers (VDC) containing virtual servers, firewalls and networks, with the possibility of expansion or contraction adapting to the real needs of the customer.

The Private Cloud allows for maximum flexibility: in particular, once the initial size of the total resources has been chosen, it is possible to distribute them on virtual machines created or modified in real time, thus guaranteeing the possibility of optimising the provision of IT services.


The Cloud Object Storage service enables large amounts of data to be easily and reliably stored. The technology behind the service automatically creates three identical copies of the objects that are loaded into the system and distributes them on separate and completely independent storage devices, ensuring maximum reliability and security.

Any failure, even destructive, of a disk or entire storage is automatically handled by the system, which immediately starts restoring lost copies to the remaining storage.


Cloud Backup is a cross-platform self-service backup service that allows the system administrator to perform scheduled backups of entire systems, files and folders or individual applications with maximum reliability.

After installing specific backup agents on the servers to be protected, through an intuitive web panel, the customer has the possibility to select files, folders or applications to be protected, as well as the backup frequency, the planning time and the data retention in the system.