PENSIERO LATERALE creates applications for mobile on different types of platforms and with the best development tools.

The choice of the platform is given by the type of application that is requested (native, multi-platform, etc.) and by the target to which it is intended.

Particular attention is paid to the creation of the interface, user interaction and attention to detail.

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system.  It is considered the best operating system for mobile devices.

The operating system immediately aroused a lot of interest both in individual developers and in large software houses. Applications for iOS have grown exponentially and have become more widespread, mainly due to the popularity of Apple devices.

Xamarin’s idea is to offer developers a quick and easy way to create cross-platform apps based on a single object-oriented language through high-performance development environments. To achieve this, we created the Xamarin framework based on Mono and then C#.

Born as an independent project, over the years it has gained the approval not only of developers but also of companies. In 2016, Microsoft acquired Xamarin ushering in a new era of cross-platform app development.

Android is currently the most popular operating system for the mobile world. It’s not just about smartphones or tablets. It’s a platform that adapts to any device not only mobile. We are talking about SmartWatch, Televisions, BoxSets, Players, Cameras, etc…

Rakuten Aquafadas are software tools for the creation and distribution of high quality digital content, attractive and usable on every device. From corporate communications to sales force information, e-learning and investor relations: the flexibility to create the most appropriate and state-of-the-art type of publication.


APP development using Angular/React/React/React Native/Node/Ionic frameworks that allow code sharing across operating systems and follow the pardigma “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. Angular, Node, React and Ionic allow the creation of hybrid applications written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. With React Native, applications, always developed with HTML and CSS, are rendered with the components provided by the operating system.